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It’s government, stupid: the economics of university debt

The persistent increase in university tuition costs is now commonplace in student life in America and beyond. A sizeable portion of the US student population agitates for state intervention, in the form of loan reform, to remedy the financial difficulties of those burdened with outstanding loans, while others engage outright in debt resistance—such as the 2012 Strike Debt movement. Initiatives like these, though, conveniently neglect the economic principles elucidating the underlying causes of bloated college tuitions and consequent loan debts. The ultimate responsibility for skyrocketing tuition fees is state interference in the economy, not, as is often claimed “market failure”.


7 Best Quotes About Freedom

  “Freedom has cost too much blood and agony to be relinquished at the cheap price of rhetoric” Thomas Sowell The author of more than 40 books on history, economics and sociology, Thomas Sowell...


The New Iconoclasm

  Two anniversaries that fall in October, both important for lovers of western civilisation, highlight the new iconoclasm at the heart of modern western progressives.


BREAKING: Monash Uni to introduce ‘trigger warnings,’ Australian first

Melbourne’s Monash University is set to become Australia’s first university to introduce anti-intellectual trigger warnings, an investigation by Generation Liberty has revealed.


Nobody actually distressed? Just say it anyway!

An Institute of Public Affairs freedom of information request has revealed that our universities are seeking to protect students from distress – even when it’s not clear anyone’s feelings have...


Campus Censorship Damages our Democracy

Harvey Silverglate, Harvard-educated New York lawyer and co-founder of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, has spent 50 years as a litigator battling bureaucratic tyranny.

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Opinion: Political correctness is insidiously evil and downright destructive

Winter is coming. The most insidiously evil and downright destructive political movement we’ll ever see is before us. It’s colder, harsher, and more damaging to western civilisation than anything...

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What it’s like to debate socialists: a reflection

On 20 May 2016, Generation Liberty, in conjunction with the Melbourne University Freedom Society, took on the Socialist Alternative at the University of Melbourne in The Great Debate: Capitalism v....


Put you hands up for a safe space violation

A student representative has been accused of violating a ‘safe space’ for simply raising their hand to ask a question during a debate at her student association. 


Anti-war mural altered to make student feel ‘safe’

The campus safety movement has reached new heights as an artist has been forced to change their work because a mural opposing war and violence triggered a student.